A dialogue between Riad and Rifat about “Air Pollution’.

A dialogue between Riad and Rifat about “Air Pollution’.


Riad: Hello, Rifat. Are you ill?

Rifat : Yes, I’ve been suffering from a bitter headache for a few days.

Riad : Air pollution is responsible for this. Nowadays polluted air causes incurable diseases too.

Rifat: You’re right. I can’t go outside for this.

Riad: You Know it’s one of the greatesst problems all over the world.

Rifat: Exactly.Because big cities have thousands of cars and buses which burn diesel and petrol and cause air pollution.

Riad : Over pollution is another cause of air pollution in our country.

Rifat : Mills, powerhouses, railway engines þurn coal and oil which produce carbon mono-oxide and polluted air.

Riad : Actually nature has lost its balance as trees are not enough now.

Rifat : 100% correct. So, I think it’s high time we took proper steps to plant trees everywhere.

Riad : Yes, to resist air pollution, the destruction of trees must be prevented.



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