Write a Computer Paragraph Jsc,Ssc,Hsc

Now write a paragraph by answering the following questions :

( a ) What is one of the greatest advances in modern technology ?
( b ) What can computer do ?
(c) What are the various uses of the computer?
(d) Has the computer brought about revolutionary changes in our lives?


Computer innovation is a great advancement of modern technology.It is a fairly recent invention. Computer has become an essential part of our day to day life. Computer is a special kind of electric machine that can perform mathematical calculations and process a large masses of information at a great speed. It can performs calculations in a few minutes that trained mathematicians would need years to complete.It is as of now utilized in ventures and in universities. It can maintain a business, play chess or even form music. Although computer has greatly benefited the inhabitants of this planet but it has some limitations. Computer can do word processing but cannot write themselves.In spite of these, there is no doubt that computer has advanced the human civilization at a great speed. In fact, computer is doing a great job by substituting human brain and thus preventing waste of time and energy of a human being. It has realized progressive changes throughout our life.


Computer Paragraph

Computer:  Computer is a ultra present day electronic gadget for putting away And investigating data took care of into it. It has no ability to do anything without anyone else. It chips away at the premise of orders given by the administrator.The invention of computer history.Computer was not invented overnight. It required some investment and hard work to imagine Laptop,Pc. A computer consists of five major components. They are the information unit, the yield unit, the memory unit, the control unit and the math unit.A PC performs three capacities. A computer performs three functions. Firstly, it receives data. Also, it forms information by different calculations and the third is that it discharges information.. Every computer has a machine language of its own and accordingly it works.Machine language is not fixed.It varies from machine to machine. Computer is of great use to us. It renders great service to mankind. It is like Aladin’s magic lamp. It has lessened our work loads, saved time and energy and made our life easy and Comfortable .We can not go a gingle moment without computers.It is part and parcel of our daily life.control unit and the arithmetic unit. A and accordingly it works. Machine language is and made our life easy and comfortable. We can not go a solitary second without Laptop. Analyze It is an integral part of our every day life.

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